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We are NOT a Lawn Maintenance Company. $3500 Landscape Job Min.

Villas & Xeriscapes

Villas & Xeriscapes

Xeriscape is a complicated sounding word for a very wise and straightforward concept. In a nutshell, xeriscaping is water-efficient landscaping that's appropriate to the natural environment. The word xeriscape comes from the Greek word xeros, which means dry. In other words, it's landscaping for people without a yard like those that live in Villas.

The goal of xeriscaping is to create a visually attractive landscape that uses plants selected for their water efficiency. Xeriscapes can save a tremendous amount of water. An established, properly maintained xeriscape needs about one-third the water of a traditional turf-based landscape. Some xeric plants require almost no supplemental watering once they are established. An established xeriscape also requires less maintenance than a traditional landscape.

Contrary to popular misconception, xeriscape does not mean rocks. Florida has a wide variety of water-wise plants. Some of these plants are perfect for adding year-round greenery and texture. Other native plants are great for adding a splash of seasonal color.

Transform your yard into a beautiful xeriscape and call Mansfield Landscaping, who specializes in native and xeric gardens.

Money Saving Deals

20% OFF Landscape Jobs

LANDSCAPE PROJECT SAVINGS NOW to January 31, 2021 20% off all jobs given at the time of estimate!

Offer Valid Only If Job Given At Time Of Estimate. $3500 Job Minimum Required. Offer Must Be Presented At Time Of Estimate.

Note: Because we can discuss 90% of the information you may need on the phone and give ballpark figures, all official estimates are conducted at the time of the in-person estimate.

We offer estimates at your home or in our landscape nursery & hardscape showroom. Please setup an appointment and come down to our nursery with pictures of your landscaping and a copy of your plot plan. Job usually begins within 3-7 business days following project approval. If you receive an estimate at our landscape nursery & hardscape showroom and it is necessary to visit your home to confirm estimate details, you still are eligible to receive and discounts & special offers as long as at home estimate confirmation is done the same day or the following day.

Must mention this special to receive discount.

Offer expires 01/31/21

20% OFF All Nursery Materials

Offer Must Be Presented At Time Of Purchase. See Associate For Details & Restrictions.

Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Must mention this special to receive discount.

Offer expires 01/31/21

$25 in Free Nursery Plants

Your choice of $25 worth of nursery plants with when you make an appointment to speak with a landscape designer specialist at our Yalaha location.

Must make an appointment with a landscape designer. After appointment completion purchases can be made.

Must mention this special to receive discount.

Offer expires 01/31/21

Free Palm Tree or Portable Water Feature

Free Palm Tree or Portable Water Feature. $500 Value. Can be combined with other offers.

Applies to any landscaping job of $3500 or more. Can be combined with other current offers.

Must mention this special to receive discount.

Offer expires 01/31/21

Latest Reviews

We are thoroughly satisfied with Mansfield Landscaping from the website to the plants, trees, walls, rocks, service, team and Steve. They are professional and know their business. Give them an idea and they will take it to the next level. They provide prompt service and exceed all expectations. The staff is very courteous and friendly. Steve is a master at managing expectations. You know whats going to happen and when. Its this management that makes the entire process easy and stress-free. Thank you Mansfield Landscaping for a job very well done

Edward Key
January 13, 2021

We recently bought a home on a lake that was built in 1967. The landscaping was so neglected with many trees and shrubs in horrible condition. We met with Steve of Mansfield Landscaping. We have never met a business owner that didn't require 50% down or more on a job. This is a business owner that can be trusted! He asked for no payment until the job was finished and we were completely satisfied! What beautiful landscaping we have now! Mansfield turned our home into an Island Paradise - a tropical oasis! You can trust Steve Mansfield. He will make your vision for your home a reality! Jeff and Denise Sleete

Jeff Sleete
January 8, 2021

I couldn't be happier with our new landscaping! Steve quickly worked us into his schedule. Within a week or so we had a stacked wall, curbing, rock in all the beds, and several new palm trees (which I personally chose from his large stock). The crew was efficient, hard working, and willing to please with my requests for tree, shrub, and flower placement. The installation exceeded my expectations and we've received many compliments.

joy buck
January 6, 2021

We had a landscaping project done by Mansfield in December 2020. They went above and beyond our expectations. The work schedule was extremely well organized and done in a timely way. No monies were collected until the job was finished and we were pleased! You really can't lose by hiring them. Tom and Bonnie

Thomas Heerschap
December 29, 2020

Steve & his group of employees are awesome. I had an idea for my backyard and they created exactly what we needed to give our new home a new look. Steve was prompt in returning my call and getting over to give me the quote. His staff was professional, hard working and actually fun to have around the house. Just a good group of people throughout the entire process. If you’re looking to transform your yard I’d definitely suggest calling them.

Josh Rayle
December 19, 2020

We know next to nothing about plants and had very little idea of what we wanted to do when it came to completely overhauling and updating our landscape design. Steve Mansfield said “trust me,” and for some reason we felt we could. Simple as that. Now we’re so glad that we did! 10 days later the job was done, the junk hauled off, and the compliments from the neighbors started pouring in. Steve kept every promise he made, his crew was first class, and we are delighted to recommend Mansfield Landscaping.

Earl Bunker
December 16, 2020

Steve and crew just completed our landscaping job as Chris and I requested, his crew removed all the overgrown shrubs around the house and planted all new beautiful shrubs, surrounded by new river rock and curbing. Steve’s crew did a beautiful paver job and they were absolutely great to work with; they did everything they could to make us happy. If Steve wasn’t at the job, he called daily to make sure everything was going to our satisfaction. I was amazed at how quick they cleaned up everything after completion. I highly recommend “Mansfield Landscaping”,

Bill Metherell
December 14, 2020

Steve is fabulous to work with. The man knows his business. We had no idea what we wanted to do and he came in with his suggestions that we immediately thought were great. His crew is A-1. Very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. They cleaned up at the end of each day. We would highly recommend them for a worry free project. If you want a quality job at a fair price, don't hesitate to call them.

bob and goldie
December 11, 2020

Landscape Tips

Central Florida Irrigation Systems

Central Florida Irrigation Systems

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Would you like to make your life more comfortable and more convenient? One way to achieve this would be to install an automatic sprinkler system. But what is the perfect time you should water your yard and landscaping? The answer 4:30 am. But why? Because most people are not awake at that hour.

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COVID-19 Operational Update from Mansfield Landscaping

COVID-19 Operational Update from Mansfield Landscaping

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Mansfield landscaping has always been practicing "social distancing". We can explain the whole process, and give you a rough estimate without ever having to see your property, using tools like Google Earth and pictures you can provide. And for our final estimate, we only need to come to inspect the property, however we do not need to come close to any of our clients to perform this in-person inspection and final estimate. So call today for an estimate on your landscape project!

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5795 Gilmore Terrace, Wildwood, FL 34785  - The Village of Fenney

5795 Gilmore Terrace, Wildwood, FL 34785 - The Village of Fenney

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

5795 Gilmore Terrace, Wildwood, FL 34785 - The Village of Fenney

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