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We are NOT a Lawn Maintenance Company. $3500 Landscape Job Min.

Our Estimate Process

If you’re ready to move forward and are interested in taking the next step in getting your beautiful landscape installed, we encourage you to watch the 12 minute video below or take about 5 minutes minutes and read the transcript of the video below detailing our estimating and design process, to give you the very best service and most accurate price estimation we possible. If your landscape job is going to have a total of $3500 or more, we would be happy to provide you with an estimate. The estimation process is a two-part process detailed in the video and transcript with the first part regarding our initial phone consultation and the second part being an at-home estimate. Our over three decades of experiences has taught us the very best way to provide estimates, and this video details how our process works and what you need to do to get the best results.

Important Project Notes: We have a job minimum of $3,500. Most jobs are between $6,000 and $20,000. We require the below 2 part process to receive an estimate.

Are you a FaceTime user? If so, we can arrange a FaceTime meeting to give you an estimate!

We are excited that you are considering Mansfield Landscaping for creating the landscape of your dreams and we want you to get the very best and most accurate estimate possible and that is done through a our 2 part estimate process, consisting of a phone consultation and at at-home estimate. But before giving Mansfield Landscaping a call for an estimate, we encourage you to review our website in its entirety. Our website contains an abundance of useful information on our company, its history, our estimate process, as well as unique and innovative online tools designed to give you landscape ideas & inspirations as well as showcase our past work. 

With the many recent advances in technology like Google Earth, we can see the detailed ground and aerial imagery of your property, and take virtual measurements to get a good idea of what we have to work with. And by sending photos straight from your smartphone and emailing them to us, we can ask a few questions and with these answers, tell you 80% of what you need to know over the phone. We will be more than willing to give you a free estimate at your home or our nursery & showroom after we complete Part 1 of our 2 Part estimate process. With these advancements in technology, our thorough interview and our years of experience combine to makes Mansfield Landscaping the fastest and most efficient landscaper in the business, and our at-home estimation can be handled same-day, or within a few days, and all estimates given are generated right there at your home during the process.

On our website you can be directed to reading our hundreds of 5 Star reviews from across the internet on Google, Talk of The Villages, the Better Business Bureau and many other of the top online review sites.

You can view our extensive photo gallery, conveniently broken up into albums focusing on different aspects of landscape projects, giving you ideas and inspirations for your project.

Then there is our local tour, an interactive online mapping tool that allows you to search for local projects completed by Mansfield Landscaping in your area so you can see our work first hand!

After reviewing our website, please give us a call and speak to one of our expert landscape consultants who will guide you through the rest of our process. During this call, we are not going to try and sell anything to you, but instead, inform you on how we work in detail and then allow you to ask questions about us and your job at the end of the initial call. During this call we will go over everything related to what we can do for you, be able to ask you detailed questions about your project and be able to explain how we work, but here are a few things you should know about Mansfield Landscaping:

On all landscape jobs, we adjust and fix up all irrigations, including the installations of bubblers by all new trees. We clean up all job sites and set everything out for you to look over before we plant and leave whatever you want to keep and remove whatever you don’t. Please be aware that if you have existing rock, it most likely will need to be removed first, which is an expensive part of a project.

We go over plant choices and options. Small plants are not that big of a deal to their lower costs. The more colorful the plant, the more likely it is to require extra maintenance to keep up a good looking appearance. Likewise, more boring colored plants tend to be easier to care for and maintain. When installing plants, we go above and beyond. If we anticipate your project needing a total of 30 plants, we will bring out 80 of them to the job site and let you decide right on the spot so you can get the best feel for your landscape. And if your landscape ends up utilizing ten more plants than we initially estimate, than we will give them to you.

We like to educate our customers on their landscaping. We explain that if you wish to have low maintenance, easy to take care of landscaping, the secret is not to use too many plants so you can spray weeds when they emerge. You can only get weed barriers so close to the edge and so close to the individual plants, increasing the abilities for weeds to find a way through. If you install rock, it’s a great idea as long as the landscaping is kept to a minimum to prevent too many weeds from appearing.

Our experience has taught us that most people don’t want to know anything until they need to know, but then, unfortunately, wonder why we didn’t tell them earlier, which is why we go over all this information up front and over the phone. We want you better prepared for when we come out, and so you can enjoy many years from your landscaping with as little upkeep as possible. If you watch this video entirely or read the entire transcript of it, we will not need to go over this info again over the phone.

Mansfield Landscaping prides itself on being either the last estimate you get or the only estimate you get. Our 35 years of experience tells us we’re not really giving you a free estimate, but instead, we are giving you a complete landscape consultation. The ideas, suggestions, and designs we come up with our unique to us and how we operate and are extremely valuable, so we want to be your last or only estimate you get. We don’t want our ideas and concepts to be used by other landscapers who most likely would cut corners or otherwise do a poor job. In reality, 90% of our customers are only calling us and using us because we have worked for their friends, neighbors, and relatives or they’ve thoroughly gone through our website, been on our local tour and spoken to past customers, and have read our extensive positive reviews across the internet on Google, Talk of The Villages, and the Central Florida Better Business Bureau.

We believe in how we do business, and you will get one chance to hire us at your written estimate. You will be given a close ballpark figure on the phone during part 1. The 10% of our customers that want to get other estimates will need to get them before they call us because we can match or beat any written estimate if it’s in detail: same quantities, same quality, same credentials, etc. The problem is, no other landscaper will give you the detail, service, and expertise like Mansfield. We work within budgets given, and we don’t talk people into spending money they don’t want to. 90% of our completed jobs end up costing between $6K -20k. If your budget is $10K and we can do it for $8K or if its $12K that’s how it is. Unfortunately, the only way you can compare one estimate to another is if you hire an architect to draw a plan that may cost thousands of dollars to complete, and most people don’t do that on a project that’s only thousands of dollars.

Most landscapers don’t have 35 years in business, a local tour tool on their website, great reviews & customer testimonials, the best and most thorough landscape website in the country, and one of the most beautiful landscape nurseries and showrooms for you to visit. You can take whatever time you may need to research us to feel comfortable with our company, and we give you all the tools to do it with! And one more thing, no deposits ever. And if you don’t like it, we put it back!

Our initial phone consultations can give you some ballpark pricing on many landscape projects but do remember that our official detailed written estimates may vary. In the landscape industry, the significant costs are in rocks, edging, privacy, bigger items, palm trees, sod, irrigation systems and hardscapes options such as patios, pavers, seating, and stacked walls. Things like mulch and small plants are usually a small amount of overall job costs.

To provide an accurate estimate, typically four questions can help zero in on a ballpark figure:

  • What part of the yard is being worked on?
  • Are the big items or privacy screening needed?
  • What is going back into landscape beds? Rock? Perhaps Mulch? This is crucial because rock requires a weed barrier and a minimum number of small plants for best effectiveness and easier maintenance.
  • What kind of edging? If rock is being installed, it must have edging. Options for edging can run from the hundreds to thousands of dollars, greatly influencing a final price.

We will also go over your landscape project budget as well to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Once we have all of this information we have obtained from the phone conversation, we can make the second part of our process easier than any other landscaper can provide, and that is the actual estimate. The estimate can take place at our huge outdoor nursery and hardscape showroom in Yalaha, or your home at your convenience, 7 Days a week.

If you opt for an in-home estimate, we will bring all our samples with us, including all of our wall, rock and paver samples. We will also bring our landscape photo books that are identical to the photo galleries found on our website, as well as the preliminary landscape design sketches and a ballpark estimate that we have developed based off our previous discussions. You’re going to think we are quiet at the estimate as all the talking is done in the Part 1 phone conversation. The primary reason for this is so you can do whatever research you feel necessary to do, as well as discuss budgets, ideas and timelines with all involved parties before we get to the actual estimate in Part 2, as frequently landscape ideas originally thought within budget may turn out not to be based on our part 1 phone conversation. During the in-home estimate, we will tour your property and listen to whatever you wish to tell us as to keep in mind; we did all the talking on the phone. After touring your landscape, listening to your thoughts and giving some final feedback, we will provide you a detailed, written estimate on the spot. We can also provide you with a care and warranty information sheet, detailing how to care for your new landscaping as well as a written contract that specifies the complete project, its description and what it will entail, as well as pricing information and payment terms, which are cash or check due upon project completion. We never require a deposit.

We do whatever it takes to make sure you understand the estimate and the project clearly. We will go over your entire landscape, and plant marker flags for big items, as well as spray, paint out new bed designs so you can visualize your new landscape. We will show you how the rock and wall samples will look in your landscape so you can confirm the colors will look good in the new setting. Based on our part 1 phone conversation, we may have a preliminary landscape design sketched out, and if not, our landscape experts will draft one on the spot for you.

At home, estimates can always be scheduled with a day or two, and while some landscape jobs can begin in 2 or 3 weeks, the majority of landscape jobs done by Mansfield Landscaping start within 7 to 10 days. The final written estimate comes in the second part of our process because we believe that when you’re ready to move forward on your project, you get one chance to hire us, and that is at the estimate presentation. And all at home estimates get a 15% discount, on the spot! We appreciate you listening to our story and learning about our process and look forward to working with you.

Money Saving Deals

15% OFF Landscape Jobs

LANDSCAPE PROJECT SAVINGS NOW to May 31, 2021 15% off all jobs given at the time of estimate!

Offer Valid Only If Job Given At Time Of Estimate. $3500 Job Minimum Required. Offer Must Be Presented At Time Of Estimate.

Note: Because we can discuss 90% of the information you may need on the phone and give ballpark figures, all official estimates are conducted at the time of the in-person estimate.

We offer estimates at your home or in our landscape nursery & hardscape showroom. Please setup an appointment and come down to our nursery with pictures of your landscaping and a copy of your plot plan. Job usually begins within 3-7 business days following project approval. If you receive an estimate at our landscape nursery & hardscape showroom and it is necessary to visit your home to confirm estimate details, you still are eligible to receive and discounts & special offers as long as at home estimate confirmation is done the same day or the following day.

Must mention this special to receive discount.

Offer expires 05/31/21

Latest Reviews

We had the rock and plants replaced in the front and back yard of our courtyard villa. We also had lighting updated in the back and curbing installed around the flower beds. We added some sod to the front yard. Pros: Steve listened to what we wanted. He worked to make it easier for our dog to walk off the landing from our birdcage. It is refreshing to have someone listen and try to understand what you are envisioning. Dan obviously knows a lot about plants and was very enthusiastic about what we were receiving. He chose various color flowers and explained how to care for everything. The entire team working with the plants seemed to get along well and worked very hard. They were very excited to show us the plants and the slope they made for our dog. The curbing team did a good job. We have seen curbing at other homes that is not finished off well. The man who did our curbing was very careful and made everything look good on the edges. We did not realize that was such a labor intensive job. He did great! Initially everyone worked with me to accommodate my work schedule—arranging the first estimate in the evening and bringing plants over on the weekend for me to view. The plants we received seemed in good condition and were all blooming immediately. We are happy with the lights that were installed, providing better lighting in our back yard. Cons: Rocks were placed over one of the water meter boxes in the flower bed, and we had to locate it and dig it out ourselves. The sod was placed over a sprinkler head in the back yard, and we had to dig that out. When I cut the sod from over the sprinkler, we were left with a deep hole where our small dog walks out on the grass. We did not like some of the sod, so we had to go out and buy our own sod and replace it. The bulk of the work was done the day after heavy rains. So the back yard was a muddy mess for over a week. We had to go out and pull up dried mud off the grass days after the installation. Steve came back for the payment before I came home from work. I was the person who signed the contract, but I had not seen the final product when he came to the house asking for payment. I felt that they cared more about how the front yard looked. If the back yard was not fenced, perhaps they would have done a better job finishing up and cleaning the wall. We have had to clean much of it ourselves. The landing outside our birdcage was left covered in mud. This is where we take the dog out into the yard. Since our dog is very important to us, having the backyard be so muddy made it very inconvenient. Pieces of grass and debris got stuck in her fur for at least a week every time she went in the yard. The back yard is the area where we focus our attention and is the most important to us. The irrigation system was left basically the same, but plants were not necessarily placed where they would get the best water coverage. The planting, irrigation and curbing made original drainage issues into more of a problem in the back yard. Steve had told us when he gave us the quote that we were very particular about what we want in our yard. Others having work done might have been more satisfied. Now that we have finished cleaning up and replacing sod we did not like, we are starting to enjoy the yard more. Overall, Mansfield Landscaping did a good job.

Nicole Francik
May 9, 2021

In mid-March of 2021, Mansfield Landscaping transformed the front of my yard from an overgrown eyesore to a beautiful, yet simple and relatively carefree landscape. All the overgrown bushes and the (in my opinion) ugly, dark-colored rock were removed from the existing beds. The beds were reduced in size, and bordered with attractive lightly-colored walls. The dark landscape rock was removed and replaced with eye-catching river rock. New plantings, highlighted by two Japanese Blueberry bushes and two fan palms, were added to complete the beds portion of the project. The entire weed-filled front lawn was then removed and replaced with new sod. Every person I dealt with was professional, knowledgeable, and patient in explaining the steps I needed to take to ensure my satisfaction with the completed project. I am so pleased the the work done that I plan on having the back of my property transformed by Mansfield Landscaping in the near future. This company gets my highest recommendation.

May 6, 2021

They designed and implemented a complete overhaul of our landscaping. Removed 3 trees, added a palm and several smaller features along with walls and rock everywhere. Installation was quick and done very well. Great people to work with.

Lee LeFaivre
April 11, 2021

I wish I could give them a million stars instead of 5! From our initial consultation to the finish of our installation, we have been very happy. Everyone was on time, very professional and didn't mind answering our endless questions about the future care of our trees and plants. Everyone was knowledgeable and courteous. Our palm trees and other plants are healthy, nicely matured and beautiful. We will definitely use them again and highly recommend them to anyone needing landscaping.

Barb Fleck
April 10, 2021

From the Jennings'. Let's start with Steve. It was so refreshing to deal with the owner and mannerisms of a person who really understands customer service. Steve was patient, good listener, honest, no hidden agendas, extremely knowledgeable, creative thinking that blended with our landscaping vision. Our vision by-the-way only made sense to my wife and I. How Steve could interpret what was were saying is beyond me. His suggestions were perfect and he provided an estimate during this initial visit. We gladly signed up for the work and Steve is so confident in his team that he did not require any money down. A few weeks later, the crew arrived on time to begin the two day installation. These guys had great personalities, very friendly, but also professional. Very hard workers and artistic too. Our bed designs, the brick work, placement of plant and trees etc., like a viewing a Bob Ross painting. Constant communication during the process, with efforts on pleasing my wife and I. The crew kept the job site neat and organized and each day ensured our lot was back in order and clean. If Mansfield Landscaping's website doesn't grab you, Steve and his personality will and it's all topped off with the crew. Great Experience. Thanks much, we appreciate you.

B. Thomas J
March 23, 2021

We love our beautiful new garden, pathways and patios. What a difference! We received excellent quality and top notch services. Highly recommend.

Dixie Peterson
March 23, 2021

So glad we chose Mansfield for our landscaping job! Steve listened to what we had in mind and made several suggestions before starting. His crew worked fast and efficiently to build a seating area, wall, and flower beds all in the front and a patio in the back yard. We’ve had several compliments.

Debra Crowdis
March 19, 2021

Our experience with Steve Mansfield was nothing but perfect from the beginning to the end of the project. Steve had so many good ideas for the design of our project. He answered all of our questions and worked with us on our ideas. The project started on time, and finished when promised. The crew was professional and kept us informed on every step of the work. The palm tree and other plants provided were very healthy and looked good. We have had so many complements about the work. We very highly recommend Steve Mansfield/Landscaping for any project. I can say that Steve Mansfield is an honest contractor. Do yourself a favor and give him a call!!

Stewart King
March 18, 2021

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