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We are NOT a Lawn Maintenance Company. $3500 Landscape Job Min.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our company was founded in 1982 by Steve Mansfield, who is still the owner/operator. It was initially named A-1 Landscaping of Orlando, Inc. Steve Mansfield is from Central Illinois where he grew up in 5 boy's homes and 17 foster homes. He moved to Orlando in 1980 and after a couple of years of sleeping in and out of his car as well as flophouses, and working in labor pools for $25.00 per day, he realized he needed to develop a plan for a better life. Steve took his $54.00 and a loan from a friend of $600.00 and turned it into a multi-million per year business. He never forgets where he came from and has donated more than 1 million dollars to places he's lived in as well as local boy's homes in Orlando such as Edgewood Children's Ranch.

From 1982-2000 we worked mainly in the Orlando area grossing 2 million per year doing landscaping, sodding, and irrigation. From 2000-2007 we did all the sod, irrigation, grating, and landscaping on new homes as well as existing homes at the Plantation of Leesburg. The project built out in December of 2006, and we stayed until the completion. When we first started with this project, there were four landscapers until three months later, when they narrowed it down to just us. We did 1,700 homes, 5 model homes, and two clubhouses.

In 2006, we changed our name to Mansfield Landscaping LLC., from A-1 Landscaping of Orlando, Inc. In 2007 we started doing aftermarket landscaping in The Villages® community, Florida as well as the rest of Central Florida. For the ten years that we have been in The Villages® community, we have worked for over 4,000 customers. We created a world-class nursery and outdoor showroom and estimate that even though we have a hundred competitors in The Villages® community alone that we do 1 out of every five aftermarket jobs.

Our philosophy is simple; keep our word, do what we say, and do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. That's why there's never a deposit required. If you are not satisfied, we will do what it takes to make you happy. Estimates never take more than 1-2 days, and jobs never take more than 3-10 days.

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Helpful Hints

  1. When getting other quotes: have specific amounts and types of product, amount of sod, footage of curbing, etc.
  2. Never give a deposit; we do not ask for one.
  3. Ask if you are not happy with the job if they guarantee it or will remove everything at no cost to you.
  4. Ask if they bring three (3) times the quantity and three (3) times the type of plants you need to let you choose others if you are not satisfied with your initial selections.
  5. Ask if they will plant all the big stuff and place small plants in buckets to allow you to re-arrange them until you are happy.
  6. Ask if they have a web site, a portfolio of all jobs completed, and a brochure depicting the plants that may be used on your property.
  7. Ask if they will drive you around to jobs they have done so you can see their prior work.
  8. Ask if their irrigation tech comes by after every job to adjust your irrigation, re-set your timers, and make sure everything gets 100 percent coverage. By law, all new landscaping is allowed to be watered for 30 days, from 4 pm until 10 am.
  9. Ask if they furnish frost blankets for all cold-sensitive plants if necessary.
  10. Ask if they will come to your home within 48 hours if you need service. Do they guarantee all work will start within 3-4 days?
  11. 9 out of 10 landscapers do not have Workmans Comp or have General Liability coverage. Ask to see our certificates.

Money Saving Deals

20% OFF Landscape Jobs

LANDSCAPE PROJECT SAVINGS NOW to March 31, 2021 20% off all jobs given at the time of estimate!

Offer Valid Only If Job Given At Time Of Estimate. $3500 Job Minimum Required. Offer Must Be Presented At Time Of Estimate.

Note: Because we can discuss 90% of the information you may need on the phone and give ballpark figures, all official estimates are conducted at the time of the in-person estimate.

We offer estimates at your home or in our landscape nursery & hardscape showroom. Please setup an appointment and come down to our nursery with pictures of your landscaping and a copy of your plot plan. Job usually begins within 3-7 business days following project approval. If you receive an estimate at our landscape nursery & hardscape showroom and it is necessary to visit your home to confirm estimate details, you still are eligible to receive and discounts & special offers as long as at home estimate confirmation is done the same day or the following day.

Must mention this special to receive discount.

Offer expires 03/31/21

20% OFF All Nursery Materials

Offer Must Be Presented At Time Of Purchase. See Associate For Details & Restrictions.

Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Must mention this special to receive discount.

Offer expires 03/31/21

$25 in Free Nursery Plants

Your choice of $25 worth of nursery plants with when you make an appointment to speak with a landscape designer specialist at our Yalaha location.

Must make an appointment with a landscape designer. After appointment completion purchases can be made.

Must mention this special to receive discount.

Offer expires 03/31/21

Free Palm Tree or Portable Water Feature

Free Palm Tree or Portable Water Feature. $500 Value. Can be combined with other offers.

Applies to any landscaping job of $3500 or more. Can be combined with other current offers.

Must mention this special to receive discount.

Offer expires 03/31/21

Latest Reviews

They did exactly what we wanted and completed the job in the timeframe they gave us. It looks beautiful! We are so pleased.

Lynne Laviolette
March 2, 2021

In the summer of 2019, Steve and his team came out with numerous suggested plants to help us redo our front lawn. We still get compliments on it from our neighbors. He recently came out and redid a small portion of our backyard to tie into the front. We are pleased to have that done as well and appreciate how they helped make our yards better.

Alison Davis
February 26, 2021

Steve and his team built us a retaining wall also with landscaping. They arrived on time and were professional and courteous. They were knowledgeable about our project and came prepared to work. Steve gave us his honest opinion on what will work and not look good for what we were trying to achieve in our back yard. Steve doesn't take any payment until the job is completed to the customers satisfaction. I will highly recommend their services to anyone looking to transform their yard. Walter & Lynne

Lynne Stuart
February 24, 2021

My wife and I had been looking for a while (years) for someone who could transform our property into a show stopper. We had made a couple of attempts but it never came out as nice as we wanted. Then a gentleman I work with was going on about how nice a job the guy he had hired did. He kept on and on until one day, at his request, I drove by his place to check it out. After seeing his place I didn't hesitate calling Steve Mansfield to set up a meeting. Fortunately, we just gave Steve an idea of what we wanted and a budget and set him free. Boy was that the best thing (besides hiring him) we did. He kept us abreast of what he planned to do which was constantly changing (as the project took over a week) as a new idea would come to him. I can honestly say I liked all his ideas but wow when he got done it was spectacular. I know he has already gotten a job from someone driving by and my son has now hired him to transform his place. Would I hire him again, absolutely. As a matter of fact we are so happy we plan on doing a second phase in the back yard. Not only is Steve and his crew knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with his subs are just the same. Can't say enough good things about Steve and Mansfield Landscaping.

Ronnie Jordan
February 20, 2021

We had Steve Mansfield come out to discuss landscaping and a small patio in the front of our home. He was on-time, we talked of our ideas and asked for his vision, and we came up with a wonderful plan which includes a fire pit. Steve had provided a date stating that the work would be started, and we had stated that we were comfortable with that and flexible. They had contacted us and said if we were ready, they could start earlier than planned - YES! His staff was timely, professional, knowledgeable, and even friendly. They transformed our landscaping and patio in 3 days! We had some privacy shrubs placed around our back lanai which were perfect. Even Steve's sub-contractors were timely and professional. We are so pleased with Mansfield Landscaping and his subs. We highly recommend them for your next project.

Dan Billie
February 19, 2021

I moved to the Villages in 2011. I was hesitant to move forward with landscaping due to the fact that I was working and not at home. Three houses on my street were done by Mansfield with excellent results. The day I called Mansfield Steve came and listened and suggested my landscaping. I set a start date. The crew was on time and prepared. They answered my questions and all timelines were met. Steve was attentive and inspected the work daily. No money was taken until the job was finished. Many comments from neighbors on my lawn and lighting. Thank you Steve for a job well done!

Carole Gordon
February 15, 2021

Mansfield Landscaping performed a complete re-working of my lawn and landscaping and I'm VERY pleased with the results. They completed the work quickly and clean. Steve was very responsive to questions and concerns and responded to phone calls usually within an hour or two. Steve also walked the work with me when it was completed, giving me directions on the care and maintenance of the work.

Jim McQuiniff
February 10, 2021

Mansfield Landscaping has been successfully landscaping in The Villages area for 35 years for a reason…they know what they are doing and stand behind their work! Being from the MidWest and not knowing a thing about Florida friendly landscaping, we found the positive and numerous reviews for Mansfield Landscaping a level of comfort when considering a significant makeover of our property. Steve responded quickly to our call and provided enough comfort for us to pull the trigger. Boy, are we glad we did! If you are looking for fancy drawings and computer graphics, Steve’s probably not your guy. But if you want a landscaping job that will knock your socks off and make your neighbors stop and stare, you found the right contractor! Steve said he wouldn’t nickel and dime us to death and he kept his word as his price didn’t change a bit, even after multiple plan changes and additional lighting. His crew, (Dan, John Wayne, Mr. Pickles and Philipe) were just awesome…incredibly hard working, but more importantly, really cared about how the job looked. They were attentive to every detail and took pride in their work. We made the right call, without question.

Jonathan Grether
February 8, 2021

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