Outdoor Fireplace vs. Firepit - which one is your best option?

Fire PitYou undoubtedly built your outdoor patio to extend the enjoyment of your home from the inside to the outside and create an enjoyable living space beyond the walls of your home. You may have constructed an entire room or two with furniture that withstands the elements and maybe even an outdoor kitchen or grill area to really take outdoor living to the next level, and without a doubt you have some great plants or trees.

With the seasons changing and the colder winter months coming in, there is not a better time to get rolling on the best aspect of your outdoor living space - an outdoor fireplace or a firepit. So which one is best for you?

If you’re looking for a campfire feel with mobility and flexibility in location, a portable firepit is your best option. While it doesn’t offer the anchored and homey benefit of the built in fireplace option, it still carries its own elegance in that it can be found in a number of different styles, including industrial style metal, copper, iron, or even stone. Also, the ability to move it anywhere allows you to change up your outdoor decor to suit your mood or design at any time.

If you’re more into the idea of a permanent design with options in brick, tile, marble or stone that’s protected from the elements (even wind that kicks up a lot of smoke) a built in fireplace is your best bet. As far as design goes, let your imagination run wild. Built in fireplaces can be wood fueled or fueled by natural gas and work much like your indoor fireplace would work.

Whether it’s with a fireplace or a firepit, the aesthetic appeal and mood that a backyard fire brings can’t be beat and the professionals at Mansfield Landscaping are here to help you choose the right option for your existing or future landscape design. Contact us today for helpful ideas and services.

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What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Mansfield Landscaping

Our property was starting to look somewhat dated and needed a landscaping facelift. Cannot tell you how pleased we are with the job done by Mansfield Landscaping. These are some of the hardest working individuals we have seen here in The Villages. Since the completion of our property, several neighbors have stopped by and commented to us on how nice it looks and what a change. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and will highly recommend Mansfield Landscaping to others, which we already have.

Mike & Cathy Lafferty (The Villages)

Used Manfield and I am satisfied. Called him on Monday and he came the same day and gave an estimate and the work was completed on Thursday. I like that.

Villagerjack (www.talkofthevillages.com)

I highly recommend Mansfield Landscaping!

People who use him love him and those who don't have never used him!

Angie Fox

Being in one of the new neighborhoods we were seeing a large number of landscape companies doing work in the area. After talking with several people Mansfield was clearly the company that offered the best combination of quality, price and service. In meeting with Steve he not only offered excellent ideas for a design, but personally walked us through the nursery, pointing out plants and trees that would be good for our project, even to the point of allowing us to select the exact trees to be planted. We especially like Mansfield's practice of bringing a large number and variety of smaller plants to our house so that we could see how they looked with existing plants. The workers were very patient and moved plants around where ever we asked and pointed out ones that would be good or not good together. The finished product far exceeded our expectation and we would highly recommend Mansfield Landscaping.

Tom McCulloch (The Villages)

My mother in law also used Mansfield and was pleased with their work. It wasn't a very large job, but she had one stacker wall put around a palm and is very happy with it.

Pooh (www.talkofthevillages.com)

I just wanted to thank Mansfield for doing a great job at our courtyard villa in the Villages. the place looks beautiful and we have had a number of nice comments from the neighbors. The work was done in a timely and clean manner. We got just want we wanted and love the way the place looks. Thanks.

Gail and John Simonetti

INCREDIBLE WORK BY MANSFIELD LANDSCAPING!! After obtaining numerous landscaping estimates to help transform our extremely large, unattractive corner lot in the Village of Largo we hired Mansfield. We sure made the right choice!! The owners, Steve and Ron, were extremely professional and prompt and spent a lot of time talking with us on the phone and in person to make sure we got what we wanted. As promised, they started the work 10 days later and COMPLETELY transformed the look of our entire home!! Our property went from the "eyesore of the neighborhood" (a quote from one of our neighbors) to stunning!! I am not exaggerating one bit. During the time Ron and his excellent crew were planting the 11 very large palm trees and countless plants and flowers and the past week when we've been watering all the landscaping at least 100 people have stopped by in their cars and golf carts to comment on what an amazing job Mansfield did!!! We couldn't be happier and can 100% recommend them to everyone.

Gail Rodberg